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This is the pdf for Funding Supported Housing - Policy Statement and Consultation.

Funding Supported Housing - Policy Statement

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Disabled people's income can be low or vary wildly depending on health. This can make buying a home, and the accessibility that brings, difficult.

For many disabled people, living in accessible accommodation is important and key to quality of life. It's sometimes hard to achieve this if you rent, whereas if you own your own home, you can ensure the environment is as you need it. But house-buying is a huge financial step and can come with complications. READ FULL STORY on the BBC Website (opens in a new window)

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Tuesday, 17 November 2015 19:07

Anna Feeley

I have 17 years’ experience of supporting people with learning disabilities, older people and people with mental health problems, working both within private and statutory organisations.  I am a highly motivated, strongminded person with recognised work experience within and around successful corporate structures and an excellent blend of qualifications. I have vast knowledge of Person- Centred practices and have worked to create Person -Centred teams using team planning and training.  I have skills in graphic facilitation and have designed and delivered training to professionals from both statutory and voluntary organisations.  In my current role I am involved in the development and creation of a registered housing association, incorporating a  person -centred ethos in tenant support.

I can help you with supported housing advice, personalised care, services for people who challenge services, staff training, person centred planning.

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Tuesday, 10 November 2015 15:34

Mark McGoogan

Principal Housing Disability & Social Investment Consultants Ltd - An independent consultant & Chartered Surveyor with over 20 years experience successfully navigating the housing systems in the public, private and independent sectors; I am delighted to volunteer to support the work of the YOU KNOW network. Mark began his career in surveying, moving through  banking and finally on to a variety of senior housing and support roles with registered housing associations including Golden Lane Housing and Royal Mencap Society.


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Tuesday, 10 November 2015 13:34

Karen Saville

Gav and Karen,  experts in nothing but experience of lots. Gav and Karen have both previously worked in Adult Social Care and have tried to change the system from the inside.  We have experience in negotiating and managing the journey through adult care to health including continuing health care. This includes using and managing a direct payment using a personal budget within adult social care and we now manage a personal health budget with a staff team creatively support planning to get the best health and well being outcomes for a good life from our perspective. We have some knowledge of the legal frameworks around assessment including the care act and positive risk management and the right to take risks.  We also have a great support network and connections to lots of like minded people who want to change the system pro actively rather than reactively.


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Thursday, 06 August 2015 08:23

Kay Caldwell

I have worked in social housing for thirty years and am currently housing director for an Essex housing association. In the past  I have also been a voluntary board member on two housing association boards. My aim is to provide the right homes for the right people in the right places.  This sounds simple but it gets complicated  when people who don't understand how social housing works get involved (this includes some people who work in social care and health settings).   I have found solutions for some challenging housing circumstances experienced by people with both physical and learning disabilities.  I have lots of experience in housing for older people too.  So if you need some advice on housing options for people who need a bit of help to live independently in general needs housing I may be able to help.  At the very least I will be able to give you an insight into what housing bods like me need to know about your needs and circumstances in order to help you meet your housing needs.


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Tuesday, 14 July 2015 17:02

Jane Byford

Jane Byford has worked all her working life in the care sector. She started in residential and nursing care and eventually qualified as a manager with a registered 5 qualification with Ling Trust. Since those days she has been one of the major hands on managers with many people coming out of assessment and treatment units, providing hands on help and support and getting people back into the community. Jane is highly respected by many of the people who receive services, professional practitioners and families/carers as a very knowledgeable and practical " doer" with a passion to see people receiving the most effective and genuinely person centred services.

Jane lives in Colchester in Essex. Her own family situation has taught her the values of good care and support. Jane is passionate about her work and will assist you on line in anyway that she can. She may also be able to offer some telephone advice. 


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Wednesday, 01 July 2015 08:45

Gail Ranford

My name is Gail Ranford. I was born at the end of the 1950’s and my brother Gerard was born 2 years previously. He was my mum and dad’s firstborn and the people in charge at the hospital told them in the most awful way to forget about him. They said he was a "mongol" and they should go home and forget they ever had him. Thank God they didn’t listen. And so it all began…….

I watched my brother attend a ‘special school’ which was a residential institution. It was some big houses that formed a school which had no curriculum as all of the pupils were deemed uneducable.  The pupils' days were spent making rush woven placemats, wooden stools and crafts. I taught my brother to read and write basic words using my school books and some flash cards I made.

There were no welfare or disability benefits like DLA.  My mum, who was became widowed at the age of 46 worked part time and my brother went to a ‘day centre’ in the same place that he went to school. Some people went there as babies and left when they died.  My mum had to obtain a doctor ‘s note each year that stated my brother was ‘still suffering from Downs Syndrome’. This all affected me at an early age and I became a vociferous campaigner for better rights for people with disabilities and/or support needs.

I had my first daughter Laura, and then in 1989 my second daughter, Sophie was born. She was premature and was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and a circulatory disorder. My brother, Gerard, was 32 by then so you may imagine that the passage of time had brought about great change in the world of disability. This was sadly not so.  I have continued to campaign, strive for change and inform other families and self- advocates of their rights. In 2001 with the advent of ‘Valuing People’ the White Paper, the first real opportunity for choice, independence and control, I and my eldest daughter and two other family members,Les Scaife and Shirley Watts set up West Lancs Peer Support Group.  The purpose of the group was to inform and support families to access direct payments and further opportunities.  I later participated in the pilot scheme for the roll out of individual budgets in Wigan. I worked with families to produce a support plan and related budget that would meet people’s needs in a flexible and person centred way. 

People that know me describe me as passionate and hard working about disability rights. I am friendly and easy to talk to. I can work on line easily as in the evenings as that is often when I am up and thinking about things after usually a very active day. My family are all very close so that I can make sure that their care is co ordinated and I'm there for any problem and emergency. Disability issues have been a major part of my life and I will leave no stone unturned to get justice. I network well and can talk to others that I feel that I can offer a useful resource to families and self- advocates around the following subjects:-

  • Disability legislation and its implementation and interpretation.  Different local authorities can interprete guidance, adherence to law and established policy and procedures differently.  I believe we should have a transparent system that offers the same rights to all regardless of postcode or region.  I have a particular interest in this as I majored in Law at University.
  • Challenging contentious decisions regarding the re assessment and restructuring of statutory benefits.
  • Housing, eligibility for ISMI Mortgages, long term secure rental, preventing discrimination to anyone with a disability who wishes to rent from a private landlord.
  • Reassessment of social care packages, be it agency led care, direct payment, personalised budget and personal health budgets.
  • I am also a qualified trainer and I am excellent at research, interpreting documents and gathering information for cases relating to reviews and appeals. 

I feel that “You Know” will offer a vital, one stop accessible resource that finally puts all of the pieces of the jigsaw together.  Ultimately if there is something  ‘ I don’t know’ I will endeavour to find an answer.  I have a tenacious ‘can do’ attitude.

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Tuesday, 12 May 2015 08:05

Jayne Knight

Jayne Knight is the founder of the You Know site. This was set up following her despair in constantly seeing the lack of available, practical information for people who need care, their families, other carers, and professionals  leading often to poor decision making and services. She has had a history of working in the public and voluntary sector for the last 35 years. Following an early career in the Department of Employment Jayne moved on into Local Government. She eventually managed a large welfare rights service also covering employment and housing law. She became a Chief Officer managing a range of responsibilities covering general needs,supported and extra care housing, welfare benefits, social care, day services, general amenities, local planning, parks and recreation. She was the chief officer at local council meetings to conduct the business of two large geographical areas. This all gave her a more general, holisitic approach to planning and delivering services rather than the specialist areas that many other managers in local government.

Jayne moved after 12 years in the Local Authority to run a charity which eventually became one of the of the leading supported living charities, Ling Trust, in the UK. She has worked nationally as a consultant for many years and has been influential in getting people the right help and advice to get a decent life. Jayne is very proud of everyone involved in the services for Ling, tenants who were "written off" who have made good lives for themselves, families who have been listened to and heard and staff who always went the extra mile.

Jayne has represented several people as a family advocate and is known well nationally for this work. Jayne can give informed opinion and practical help on welfare rights, personal care and health budgets across all sectors, housing and housing with support, running micro enterprises, grant and funding applications, housing law, creative solutions for people with complex support needs and employment matters.

She can broker and advocate for people who need services, carers and/or families at the highest levels. Jayne is approachable, hard working,practical and has good all round knowledge including a good academic background leading to a Masters in Communty Mental Health which assists in any requirements for reports or representation.

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