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The Core and Essential Service Standards are designed to improve the lives and life experiences of people with profound and multiple learning disabilities.

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Published in Resources
Tuesday, 10 November 2015 13:34

Karen Saville

Gav and Karen,  experts in nothing but experience of lots. Gav and Karen have both previously worked in Adult Social Care and have tried to change the system from the inside.  We have experience in negotiating and managing the journey through adult care to health including continuing health care. This includes using and managing a direct payment using a personal budget within adult social care and we now manage a personal health budget with a staff team creatively support planning to get the best health and well being outcomes for a good life from our perspective. We have some knowledge of the legal frameworks around assessment including the care act and positive risk management and the right to take risks.  We also have a great support network and connections to lots of like minded people who want to change the system pro actively rather than reactively.


Published in Biographies
Tuesday, 14 July 2015 17:02

Jane Byford

Jane Byford has worked all her working life in the care sector. She started in residential and nursing care and eventually qualified as a manager with a registered 5 qualification with Ling Trust. Since those days she has been one of the major hands on managers with many people coming out of assessment and treatment units, providing hands on help and support and getting people back into the community. Jane is highly respected by many of the people who receive services, professional practitioners and families/carers as a very knowledgeable and practical " doer" with a passion to see people receiving the most effective and genuinely person centred services.

Jane lives in Colchester in Essex. Her own family situation has taught her the values of good care and support. Jane is passionate about her work and will assist you on line in anyway that she can. She may also be able to offer some telephone advice. 


Published in Biographies